How to Create a Google Hangouts

Google hangouts can be a pretty nice feature to use if you need to have group conference. Just recently a group of friends was on skype and they wanted to do a conference call. I find that it sometimes drops a lot on skype so I suggest that we use Google Hangout. None of them ever used it before so they were excited and so we did. As it turn out to be pretty interesting, the voice came through crystal clear and the connection was very powerful it didn’t lag at all.

Google Hangouts

Here is a step by step on how ti create your Google hangouts.

Google hangouts

Step 1: If you don’t know how to get to your Google+ page… You can click on the 6 little square like the illustration to the right.  Once you click on it, there will be a drop down menu and you will see the different apps or feature that is in the Google family. The one with the letter “g+” is Google plus… Just click on that icon and it will take you to your Google plus page.

Google HangoutsStep 2:  This is your Google plus page. You can use this page to keep your friends & family up to date to what is going on in your daily life. If you use it for business, it is the same concept. So that those who follow you can keep up to date to your latest and greatest income earning venture.

Now go and click on the little arrow like the imagine above, there will be a drop down menu and from there you can see all the feature you can do in Google plus…. you can change your profile etc…

Step 3:

Google Hangouts

After clicking on the arrow and the drop down menu popup this is what you will see. Now scroll down until you see “Hangouts” and select that. Once selected, it will open the Google Hangouts on Air page…

 Step 4:  This is what the Hangouts On Air page will look like. As you can see there are many other people who have their own hangouts on air where they are just broadcasting what ever they want. Some people use this feature to socialize and some use it for business purpose. What you want to use it for is totally up to you. Just make sure it is in the ethnics of Google. As shown below, go and select that little field, that is where hangout is located at.

Google hangouts


google hangouts

Step 6:  You will see all your connection in that menu bar. You can go toward the bottom of the page and you will see a green button “Start a video Hangouts“, just click on the button and the hangouts video will open with a link for you to share with others or you can invite your contact to join you on the hangouts.

Google Hangouts

I hope the step by step instruction was useful. Here is a video or live version so you can see how to do it as well. If you like, you can use this to follow along to set up your very own Google Hangouts.

How to Create a Google Hangout Video

I hope this was informational in helping anyone on how to set up your Google Hangouts.



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How to Create a Google Hangout
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