How to login to influx

How to login to influx back office is pretty really simple. You will need to set your url like this: http://(yourusername)

If you use the link as above with your username in front of the influx name then you should be able to log into your own admin site… See the illustration below…

Here is a screenshot of what it should look like…

Login influx


If you are trying to login into your admin site by using a direct link like this:

The system will see you as either Hector or one of the other 2 Admins… The system knows Hector IP address by heart… 🙂

When we the members/affiliates try it with the direct link, the system will say why is Hector coming from this IP address… Now imagine many of us trying to get in through with that direct link… The system see it as many people trying to get in through that doors and it just doesn’t look right and then the system said.. “OK, SOMETHING DOESN’T SEEM RIGHT…” TIME TO LOCK THE DOOR TO THESE STRANGERS” So now we are all locked out and can’t login to our own site.

So next time, please take a few minute and make sure your use the correct link to sign to your admin site… Meaning use your own link to sign in to your own site… You can really solve this issue by using a bookmark. If you don’t know how to bookmark your site? Here is a real quick instruction video on how to Bookmark your site:


Next time when you try to login to influx, please take a second look at your URL again and make sure you have your username in the link… So that you don’t try to get into influx from Hector’s door… I hope this have been able to help many of you with this…

Until next time… happy breathing and blinking…

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How to Login to influx
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