Influx Webinar System

The Influx Webinar System is pretty powerful way to communicate to the a mass. This Influx Webinar System will give you the flexibility to set it up how you want it.

Influx Webinar System

To set up the Influx Webinar System, you simply need to just follow direction and not be scare to test it out. I know it can look a little intimidating, but once you dig into it and start playing around with it, things will start to fall in to place. I hope that by follow some of these steps I given you, it will help you on your way to set up your own influx webinar system inside InfluxEntrepreneur.

– Step 1 to Setup the Influx Webinar System

Influx Webinar System

You will need to login to your InfluxEntrepreneur site. Once you are inside on the dashboard it will look like this. Scroll down on the left side panel until you see Influx Webinar.  Click on it and you will see the Influx Webinar System page open like the above illustration. Select on the “Create a New Webinar” button.

A menu will open to give you option to start inputting your information for your webinar. Influx Webinar SystemYour Webinar Title: you can name what ever it is that you want to talk about. Since it is your webinar.

Webinar Host: Who is hosting the webinar, You can list more then one person. When I set up my Influx Webinar System I usually set it up for training with my partner. So both of our name goes there.

Event Date & Time: You can set the webinar for a later date if you like, that will give you time to send it out to who ever you want. This option is also very good for marketer who want to promote their product or service. This will give them time to start promoting the webinar in advance so that once it start, there will be a good showing.

Event Timezone: This is pretty important, since many people from all different part of the world will see this and by giving the a timezone to follow they can tell when need to be on. Like my partner and I when we put on a webinar, he is in the Eastern Timezone and I’m in the Pacific Timezone so if we don’t specify what time zone it is, one of us will definitely get on without the other… So make sure that you always specify what timezone it is.

Webinar Name: You will need to give it a name as well… This will create an URL link so you can send that link out to your people who you want to be on the webinar. Without it, you will not be able to setup your Influx Webinar System.

Webinar Type: In the Inlfux Webinar System you have either LIVE or EVERGREEN. LIVE is when host the webinar live so that people can see or hear you talking in real time. The nice thing I like about the live is that you can interact with the people who attend in real time. EVERGREEN is more like pre-recorded or taped. It is more for people to hear or see only. There is no interaction with you.

After you have finished inputting all your information, then it is time to create your Influx Webinar System. To do that you just click on the orange button “Create New Webinar” and presto your webinar is up. (see the above illustration)

Influx Webinar System

After you created the Influx Webinar System, you will need to select a design. You can do that by selecting “Design/Template” in the top menu,(see image to left).  This will open an option to give you a selection from 3 different looks. It is just your choice to which one you want to use…


Influx Webinar System

As you can see from the illustration to the right, the design of the Influx Webinar System is already set there for you. You can also design by creating your own head banner, change the back ground color or create your own back ground for it as well. You don’t have to just use that look. You can customize it more to your liking.

These first 2 steps to setting up your Influx Webinar System is quite simple to do. The next step is the REGISTRATION PAGE. That will take a little time to explain it all. I will write more about that in the next article… I hope this will at least help you to get started in your Influx Webinar System.

How to Setup Your Influx Webinar System

You can also follow along with the video and it will show you how to set up the Influx Webinar System. I will also write more about it in the next article as well… I felt that the registration page will need a little more time to explain since it is more details to go into…

Also do me a favor, please comment and share… See you on the next article. Oh and don’t forget, if you need to learn more about it just follow the message below…

If you would like to learn more or talk to some one go a head and click on the flashing link below to get started… Influx Webinar System

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How to setup the InfluxEntrepreneur Webinar System
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