Influx Entrepreneur – 5 Step Tips ‘Make Money Online’

I have run into many people have asked this same question in many different ways, “How to make money online?

This is not an EASY question to answer, it really depend on the individual. But, if you have a plan or goal and follow it through, it might not be as difficult as you think to Make Money Online. Like I said before it also really depend on the individual, no matter what we do some people always seem to find a way to be more successful then others. Is there a secret to these or not? I felt that we all have a different work ethic and it doesn’t mean that one person is better then the other. Just like the old saying, “it is not how you start, but where you finish.” We all have our own habit and we work at our own pace. But what really matter is if follow through with what we are going to do, whether it takes us 1 day or 30 days to get there. As long as we get there… Here are some tips or pointers to help you with your online adventure.

Influx Entrepreneur – 5 Step Tips ‘Make Money Online’

1. Have a plan in place or set yourself REAL ACHIEVABLE GOAL. Making money online is not something that will happen overnight. Many people get this wrong idea by hearing the hype from these shining crystal balls and think that by joining that opportunity they would wake up the next morning to a giant sequoia money tree sitting in their back yard. That is an unrealistic goal, nothing happen overnight. You have to set ACHIEVABLE GOAL and follow it through each day with it. Just like a baby taking its first step, the baby needs to learn how to balance itself and then take that first wobbly step one at a time. We need to also set our goals like that.

An example: If you are promoting an opportunity, make it a goal to just say “hi” or “hello” to one NEW person a day. Sometimes just saying “hi” or “Hello” to a stranger is hard enough. Once you master that, take a little bit farther with that goal, engage or create a conversation with one new person a day. Once you have that down, now move to sharing about your opportunity with one New person a day.

These are ACHIEVABLE GOALS that can be done every day. You may say or ask why? Once you start to achieve your goal it will create self-motivation and self-confidence. Your appearance and your speaking habit will eventually start to change. Your aura will start to gravitate to other people. Once people start to notice you, people will start to ask you… What is it you are doing? Because there is something about you that is attractive and people want to be around that vibe…


2. Do some research on the product or service you want to promote. Find a hot niche or a product or service that can be used year round or is demand. Try to stay away from seasonal product or service. Basically stay away from product that might be hot today but gone tomorrow. We have seen many of those come and go…

Example: Most online marketers will need some form of a marketing tool. It doesn’t matter what business opportunity they are promoting, just about everyone needs one. That is why for my case, I chose to promote Influx Entrepreneur Platform, it is a complete system that anyone can use to create a marketing tool to even becoming their own brand. I see that the Influx Entrepreneur platform is a product or service that everyone can use.

Let’s say if I was just promoting Valentine’s card, would it be very effective opportunity year round? Of course not… So find a product or service that most will need or want. That will give you more chances to Make Money Online.

3. Create your own marketing material such as website, capture page or review/informational page. There are many places online that you can do this for free. You can use blogger, weebly , or wordpress is just to name a few places that you can use to create free informational pages. What I see that is more important when creating informational or review pages is that you can to have a way to capture your prospect’s information and that is called a capture page. This is the key to internet marketing. This is why all the leaders or a select few is are always successful online, they have a good list of people that they work with.

Example: if you go to one of my content page: Influx Entrepreneur, Make Money Online
You can see in the illustration to the right that I have an optin form to help capture any potential lead or prospect.

This optin form or lead capturing system is very important to being an online marketers. You can drive tons of traffic to your site, but if you don’t have a way to collect information (leads) that can potentially turn into sales, it will do you no good. Collecting your prospect’s information will give you a chance to engage and create a relationship. Relationship will create more sales… More sales = more money in your pocket.

Above I gave you some list of free place you can build your website, but if you want to create a lead capturing system, chances are you will need to pay for this service. Some will call this as a sales funnel. Everyone successful marketers will have some kind of a sales funnel that he or she have. There are many services out there that offer these system, but so far the one I find that offer all these service and more is still in Influx Entrepreneur.

Learn to create your own website and have a way to capture your prospect’s information and start building your list. If you don’t know anything else you learn to build a list online, there is a good chances you will become a successful marketer or in another word, you will make money online.

4. Internet marketing is about creating a relationship and sharing idea to help each other grow online. You can do this by offering some free material or advise… By you giving your prospect valuable ideas or material that they can grow their business, they will have different view of you and value your vision more.

Example: We have a skype group that we share ideas on how to help you grow your business online. This is just about a bunch of marketers coming together and Masterminding and engaging together to see what is more effective. Just like my good friend who is also the admin of Influx Entrepreneur, he share good information how to generate tons of traffic and he let everyone watch over his shoulder as he set the sales funnel. In real time he would show the group on how to get your site listed on Google in lesser then 10 minutes. Like I said before, also work someone who knows more then you so you can learn from them. I would definitely invite you to come and brainstorm ideas with us in the skype group. Let me connect to Skype group

“ Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value” by Albert Einstein

Influx Entrepreneur, Make Money Online

5. Like any business, whether it is online or offline, we all needs traffic. You can generate traffic to your website, review/informational page or capture page by creating content or writing articles. You can also create video about whatever you want to share and direct it to your website. There are many way of generating traffic back to your website. There are social media that you can use to help drive traffic and it also helps when you are working with someone who has done it consistently before on driving traffic. Learn from them and just follow their footstep. There are some good marketers that if you build a relationship with them, they will be willing to share some ideas to generate traffic.

Influx Entrepreneur – 5 Step Tips ‘Make Money Online’

Making money online can be done if you have an achievable goal and follow it through. Research on the market that you want to promote, make sure it is something that most people would want or have a need for. A simple question you can ask yourself is… “Would you buy this product or service if there was not a pay plan attached to it?” If you would use it, then it might be a good niche to take a more serious look.

Network or build a relationship with people who have done it and learn from them. We can always learn something new every day.  Stay humble and be student and keep learning and moving forward. The day when you think you have become the teacher and stop learning is the day when you will fall back. Never ever feel like you know it all, there is always something new to learn.

In conclusion, have a plan and stick to it. Do your homework before you jump in. Network with others and learn from each other. Apply what you learn and teach it forward…

If you find this article useful please share and comments and if you want to know how I use Influx Entrepreneur Platform to dominate Google? Join me on Skype or Optin and I will be more then happy to share with you how I use this platform Influx Entrepreneur.


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Influx Entrepreneur – 5 Step Tips
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