InfluxEntrePreneur, Changes is Coming!

Hey team, if you haven’t heard, thing is about to change in InfluxEntrepreneur. Starting May 1, 2015… This is a warning so everyone is up to date to this new changes…

Starting May 1

Entry fee for InfluxEntrepreneur platform will be $500 upfront. Then $9 per month there after.

How do I make $10,000 in InfluxEntrepreneur?

$500 x 35% = $175 – this is you commission for the sale

$10,000 / $175 = 58 sales per month

58 / 26 days (assuming only 26 days per month) = 2.23 sales per day

If you can make around 3 sales per day you will be able to make $10,000 per month.

Series 1934 US 10000 note aWho would like to make this per month? You have all the math breakdown for you… Go figure how to get 2 to 3 people to buy the InfluxEntrepreneur platform…

What is InfluxEntrepreneur?

A Complete Marketing Platform.

  • Webinar System
  • Capture Page
  • Lead Generator
  • Website Creator
  • Blogging Platform

This is just to list a few. Get Your Fully Integrated Branded Platform. Build Your Dream Site Imagine a world where you do not need a web hosting account, an expensive software to install, and don’t have to wait any extra minute to launch your next profitable website. Simply login, pick the type of website you want to build (membership site, online store, coaching site, and many more), buy a new domain name and map it to your unique site URL. Bingo! And your website is ready…

Who want one?





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InfluxEntrePreneur, Changes is Coming!
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