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I will walk you through inside InfluxEntrepreneur so that you can see what is it that I am so passionate about this platform…  Here is a screen shot of the back office on InfluxEntrepreneur. I will walk through each area as much as possible so that you can see what each area is for.

InfluxEntrepreneur Back Office | Inside Influx Entrepreneur

 Blogging Platform

The top part of the back office is cater toward more of content creation or in other words it is a blogging platform.  When people say “Blogging” sometimes it is hard to understand that word “Blog”. Blogging is about sharing content or ideas… Some people use the blog platform to write about story. Some use it to share about their business, or simply just create information to answer someone else questions. This is just one part of the service or tool in InfluxEntrepreneur. Sometimes blogging can be daunting when you first start, but after a couple of articles your writing will start to flow and your writing will start to look better and better. That is why the blogging platform is so important and why so many are also blogging. The more blogs there is out there, the more answer there is to what everyone will search online. So when people Google search, people are search for answer to their questions. When you create content on a blogging platform, you are creating answer for the people who is searching on Google.

Back Office of Inside Influx Entrepreneur

As you see in the illustration to the right. This section is really for content creation. It is InfluxEntrepreneur Blogging Platform.


InfluxEntrepreneur Optin Forms

This is one of the most interesting part of the InfluxEntrepreneur platform. Alot of people really don’t understand what is the purpose of having an optin forms. The InfluxEntrepreneur Optin Forms is a way to collect leads. Having this option is a good way to build your lead list.

optin  | Inside Influx Entrepreneur

This is quite important for any content you are creating. In any business, whether it be online or offline. Generating leads is key… Since in today’s world, everything is online and now we usually work with people all over the world and not just in our community. The Optin Forms in InfluxEntrepreneur platform is a very nice feature to have.

InfluxEntrepreneur Appearance

You can create your own website inside InfluxEntrepreneur. There are many themes to chose from. This is where your imagination comes to play and how fancy or nice you want your site to look. InfluxEntrepreneur Theme | Inside Influx Entrepreneur

Not only can you create your website using the theme in the back office, but if you want to create a capture page to collect information you can also. There are many things you can create using the theme in the back office. Creating a site to blog, information site, website (to promote your business), capture page to collect leads to build your list. Many online marketer or the so call “Guru” always are collecting your information to build there list.

If you are a team leader in your business, having this platform will be very helpful. You can create informational page to train your team. Not only is there just the website creating ability inside InfluxEntrepreneur, you can get the blogging platform, website creation, capture page system, lead building, and for the team leaders, you also have a webinar system.

webinarThis webinar system is a good way to keep everyone up to date to what ever you are doing. you can use it for giving training, teaching or even host a semi-live show… It is up to your imagination how you use it.

I have talked about what is InfluxEntrepreneur in my last article. Now, I’m giving you a little taste of what is inside of InfluxEntrepreneur… the next step is for you to get InfluxEntrepreneur platform for yourself so you can really see what I am talking about. One thing I can guarantee when you are in the platform and is working with the admin of the platform. This guy, Hector Guerrero, is so passionate about this platform and if you are willing to work and roll up your sleeve to learn, he will teach you what he know. I am telling this from experience. He have spend hours on the phone or computer walking me through each part of the platform. At times, I would watch as he work and it is like me watching over his shoulder… You can say not many time would someone let you do that without asking for a large sum upfront. That is why I am so passionate about the InfluxEntrepreneur Platform.


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