What is Influx Entrepreneur?

Influx Entrepreneur:

is a platform with an array of tools that you can use to for many thing. It is up you to use your imagination. Here is just some of the idea on what you can use it for:

  • Build a website

  • Build an info/marketing page (Capture Page System)

  • Blog

  • Training platform

  • Webinar system

That is just some of the list… There are many more feature inside the platform that you just have to dig in and find out for yourself what you can do with it.

Build a Website:

Influx Entrepreneur is on a WordPress platform so you you can use it to build yourself a website using WordPress. In WordPress if you want to make your site look cool you got to buy plugins to Bling it out.

WordPress Plugins

As you can see each plugins can run around $60 per plugins… So you do the math.. It can add up rather quickly.The nice thing about Influx Entrepreneur is that you can get many of the plugins you see on the WordPress site for free inside the Influx platform. That is a major saving in itself. That is if you are using the Influx Entrepreneur platform to build yourself a website. You can certainly just do that.


Build an info/marketing page:

What if you don’t want to build a website and you just want to create some kind of marketing page or build an info page to promote your own business? Of course you can also do that too. Inside Influx Entrepreneur you can create some really nice Capture Page to promote your business. There are many Optin forms to choose from. You can also create your own capture page and add an optin form to the capture page to collect leads.

Optins Form

Here is just an example of an optins form that I use for my article/content.

You just never know who might find your information interesting and would like to be on your list when ever you write something, they would like to be the first one to be able to critique you and leave you a nice message or vise versa.

At the end of each article you will see that I do have an optins form and also a message box for anyone who want to leave me any comment. If you find this to be informational you can also share it in your social platform as well… This is just some of the power inside Influx Entrepreneur


There are many blogging platform out there that is free. You can chose to use those or use Influx Entrepreneur as a blogging platform. I have used Bloggers and WordPress before. Those 2 blogging site are very nice in their own way. What I find that is most helpful as when I first started blogging is the support from the network in Influx. After I finish a blog, the admin will blast my blog to all this social site and everyone would share it so the power of the network can really get your info out there. This really help save you a lot of time to promote your content to the world. I really like the fact that if I need input on what I and writing about, I have someone who have been doing this for over 10 years to come in and share his personal thought in it. He would show me what to say and do to make sure my information will end up ranking in Google. Being lost in the World Wide Web of millions of site to being found is very important if you are trying to get your information online. That is the power in Influx Entrepreneur, you get a coach who will help you to get your information found…

Training platform:

Hector GoerreroMany will ask, how can this be a training platform? This crazy guy name Hector Guerrero who is the admin of Influx Entrepreneur, man this guy loves to teach his partner. It is like getting a personal mentor-ship from him. He will take the time to walk you through and work with you to make sure you understand from A to Z. If you don’t understand then it mean he didn’t do his job correctly. That is the passion I like about this crazy guy Hector Guerrero . I know some may wonder why I call him crazy, well the time I got to know him… He has been a blessing in disguise… There are things that I don’t know or doesn’t realize and he pointed out to me… I was just blown away by it. I remember talking to a person and this person stated that he/she is working with some millionaire and gave the site of the millionaire who is collecting millions from this site… Well Hector did some SEO on the site and there were not traffic or what so ever into the site at all… So what does that say… it is all talk… These are just some of the things that I was able to learn from him. It has opened my eye to many things and when I talk to other so call BIG HITTER online… You don’t get intimidate like before. I feel like I know as much or even more then they do now… Knowledge is power, but learning how to use that knowledge is key…

How can this be a training platform? To really answer this, there are many things you can learn inside the platform and you can turn around and teach it to others as well… But not only that, you can set it as a University course so that people who want to learn lets say about SEO… You can have course about SEO and have people go through the courses you have…

Example: if you have a simple course on “How to create a banner”

You can create simple video to show people how to create a banner… After someone goes through the video, you give them a exam on it and if they pass the exam you can give the a certification on that course… That is just an idea you can do inside of Influx Entrepreneur

There are not many places out there that you can get the admin to teach you what they know. Let me rephrase that again… You can get many of the Gurus online right now to teach you what they know, but it will not be for FREE

Webinar System:

Webinar system is a key tool for any marketer who is building a following. You can simply use Google hangout but is there a way for you to collect their information? Of course not in hangout… You will need to create and optins page so you can collect the attendee’s information. You can all that inside the Influx platform. Not only that, but lets say you have something you want to sell during the webinar you can have a feature that will popup and attendee can purchase it right there… The flexibility is at your imagination.

I myself have a team that I want to share or update them on the business at hand. I would use this webinar system so that everyone can get all the update from the company. You can go and see other webinar platform and see how much it is… Webinar system can be pretty pricey… As you can see from GotWebinar…gotowebinar

Assuming you are a big time leader and you spending around $400 per month on just the webinar system… You can do the same here in Influx Entrepreneur and you get a whole suite of tools at your finger tip. You get a webinar system, blogging platform, marketing tools, website creation ability and most of all you get a guy who have been doing this for over 10 years to also help you…

Here is an example of a webinar training that we had put it together to give others to see what you can learn from influx entrepeneur


What is Influx Entrepreneur?

Influx Entrepreneur:

is complete suite platform that you can use to give yourself presence online. What you use it for is at your imagination. Many can take this and become a business out of it, some will become just an affiliates and share this platform with other and make some money while doing it. How you see it or use it is your imagination.


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What is Influx Entrepreneur?
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